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JSON Validator & Beautifier to simplify your work.

Genelify JSON validators and beautifiers are tools to make it easier for you to organize json code to make it easier to read properly. You need to know that json is a popular format used to transfer data quickly. The compressed json format will facilitate and speed up the process of sending data because of its relatively small size, when you are analyzing the output data from a json file it will be difficult because it is already compressed, therefore this JSON Validator & Beautifier tool can make it easier for you to do it.

We also provide a validation feature in every JSON code that you enter into the form, this will be very useful for you whether your JSON code is correct or not, with the wrong JSON format will make it difficult for machine reading when converting into array form in PHP (eg. ).

Lots of websites offer an API, which will return data in JSON form, but often we get compressed JSON without any free space which aims to reduce the size of the data when it is transferred to your system, but you don't need to worry, because This JSON Validator & Beautifier tool will help you to parse JSON data to be easier to understand so you can read it easily, the compressed JSON format will of course make it difficult for you to process the data provided.

In addition to the JSON beautification feature, our system also provides JSON data validation to detect whether there is an error or not, validation in JSON will help you to identify any data in JSON and our system will notify you and you can fix JSON if there is an error, this of course will very useful in the development process with the API.


JSON Validator & Beautifier


Get to know JSON in a nutshell

JSON or Javascript Object Notation is a data format that does not depend on any language and can be understood by humans to express data objects consisting of value attribute pairs, although JSON was originally used for JavaScript, but now JSON has become the standard in the data transfer process. between systems that we are familiar with with the API. JSON is not tied to any language whether it's PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and others, so that when we interact with other programming languages, JSON becomes an intermediary for exchanging data.