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Change dynamic URL into SEO friendly easily with URL rewriting tool.

Free URL Rewriting tool

URL Rewriting is a tool to convert dynamic urls to SEO friendly with additional syntax on .htaccess, which can increase credibility on search engines. This tool is used to convert dynamic URL to SEO friendly by using additional syntax in your .htaccess file.

Genelify URL Rewriting tool is free and can help you to convert dynamic URLs to more understandable (static) URLs. This method has been widely used by webmasters and SEO experts to keep their websites friendly to search engines and users, this tool can also help you in optimizing search engine rankings.

Creating a user-friendly website is not easy, many methods are used including this URL Rewriting tool, with this tool you can mark any URLs that need to be changed structurally, of course to increase your SEO ranking in search engines. Dynamic URLs can help users share websites easily, because the URL structure is easy to understand.

To use this URL Rewriting tool, you need to understand how to use a file called .htaccess, this file will help you to change anything related to your website with web server automatically. But don't worry, when you generate with our tool, we have included with the .htaccess settings, you just need to copy paste it into your .htaccess file.

You can convert a dynamic urls into SEO url friendly, it's important! because a search engine can more easily find your web page and indexing. If you want more traffic, just do this.


URL Rewriting Tool


Static URL and dynamic URL

Static URLs tend to be better than dynamic URLs because they are easier to find and easier for search engines to index. That doesn't mean you don't need dynamic URLs because dynamic URLs are required for certain conditions such as sorting or search pages. But speaking of the main page of a website, you need to change the dynamic URL to static in order to get great benefits. Static URLs rank more by search engines than dynamic URLs. Sites using static URLs have URLs that are not complicated and tend to be simple, you can see the difference between these two:

Dynamic URL: https://example.com/test.php?page=home&user_id=1


Static URL: https://example.com/test/home/user/1

You can judge which one is easier to read, of course the second option is not it? Google's webmaster even said about these static and dynamic URLs, some of these points include:

  • It's quite difficult to properly re-maintain dynamic URLs into static URLs
  • It is much safer to use static URLs.
  • If you want static URLs instead of dynamic URLs, you need to create static content equivalent to your content.

If you want to change from a static URL, you will need to change the settings in .htaccess, and keep in mind that .htaccess can only run on Apache servers and you need to know what server you are currently using.

To make things easier, you can use this URL rewriting tool to change dynamic URLs to static ones by inserting the code we generated into your .htaccess file. You just need to enter a dynamic URL and our system will convert it to a static URL.