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HTML minifier, minify, compressor tool to help your website become lightweight, load faster and reduce HTML file size.

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Welcome to our Minify HTML tool

Copy and paste the code you want to minify into the column on the left, then click the button according to the code you want to compile and the output will appear in the column on the right.

By minified your HTML code, website will load much faster and is good for SEO. For now, minify support for JS, HTML, CSS code, please follow the navigation according to the code you want to minify.


Minify HTML Tool


Great performance with minify your code

This Genelify Minify HTML tool has helped developers a lot in managing their HTML code in reducing the file size that has an impact on the bandwidth used. You need to know, bandwidth is very influential on website performance in processing your HTML pages, the minification process is a solution for developers to improve performance and reduce HTML file size.

We provide a Minify HTML tool to quickly and easily minify your HTML file with the desired results, you can process your minification code by copying or uploading. The minification method in your HTML file has now become an important thing to do to speed up loading when users visit your website.


Why do you need to compress your HTML code?

HTML code is an important element in a website, without HTML the website will not run perfectly, CSS and JavaScript code will be run through HTML code with special tags such as script tags and styles. And this HTML code will run in the browser when the user visits your website. Every website has a different HTML size depending on how the developer uses it, but without realizing it, the use of HTML with a large size will have an impact on the performance of your website. Having a lot of spaces will result in a very large HTML size, to detect this you can use the inspection method on the browser, see if your website has so much space, if so, compress it immediately.

Compression of your website's HTML code will improve website performance optimally, this is because the browser will render quickly without reading every line that has excessive spaces. Our Minify HTML tool will help you to compress any of your HTML code quickly, without you needing to do it manually.

You probably won't do it manually to compress your HTML code, because it will waste your time, you don't need to worry about this problem because our Minify HTML tool will help you to solve this problem quickly and easily.