JavaScript Beautifier & Formatter

Javascript beautifier, formatter tool will reformat your javascript code to more readable and clean.

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JavaScript Beautifier - Formatter for readable code

This JavaScript Beautifier - Formatter tool will give you clean code and easily to read it. Just copy paste your Javascript code you want to get readable code and click the blue button to process the code.

You also can edit your code on input form and give you information if detected error. When production mode takes place, usually the contents of the javascript file will be compressed to improve website performance. Sometimes, when you want to change a line code in a javascript file, you need clear code so that it can be changed easily. This tool will help you in solving this problem, namely by changing the structure of the compressed javascript code to be easy to read.

Some of the features that we provide will help you more easily and quickly in generating javascript code that is fresh and easy to read.

To use Genelify JavaScript Beautifier - Formatter tool is very easy, enter your reduced, messy javascript code into the textarea provided and press the process button to see the results of the javascript code become more beautiful, the editor above also contains line numbers that help you to see the syntax and you can change your syntax code in that field. We have determined how the system will clean up your javascript code to avoid errors.


JavaScript Beautifier & Formatter


When should I use JavaScript Beautifier - Formatter?

When writing javascript code, you may often write in an unstructured format, meaning you don't pay attention to the spaces in the javascript code, it is a natural thing considering the main purpose of building javascript code is to get the results you want, and to improve performance, maybe you will compress all javascript code more tightly so that the browser will be faster to process javascript code, problems arise if you want changes to javascript code, with a compressed code structure it is impossible to be able to change code quickly, you need to use a tool This javascript beautify is to change the structure of the code to be easier to understand so that the conversion process becomes faster.