JavaScript Obfuscator Tool - Protect Your JavaScript Code

Our Javascript Obfuscator tool will make your javascript code difficult to understand, therefore other people will find it difficult to copy your source code.

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Javascript Obfuscator Tool - Protect Your Javascript Code

Javascript Obfuscator is one method to make your Javascript code more difficult to read with the aim of protecting the code that you have created so that it is not easily read by others. This tool can turn your javascript code into a random string which is not random but works fine. This tool will make javascript code difficult to understand, therefore other people will find it difficult to copy your source code or change it according to its original function. How is it different from JavaScript Minifier? The difference between the Obfuscator and Minifier is that it lies in the source code, the JavaScript Minfer compresses the source code to remove spaces and the source code is not changed at all and can be read by humans, while the Obfuscator, apart from removing spaces, also changes the content of the source code to make it unreadable. by humans.

Nowadays, getting and extracting javascript code from a website is very easy, this tool can help you to change the javascript syntax structure to be much more complicated.


JavaScript Obfuscator Tool


How Javascript Obfuscator tool works

Javascript Obfuscator will change variables, functions, argument names and others into something that is not easy to read, but the browser can read it well. In addition, with this tool, your source code will be safer from theft of source code or modifying it without permission. As you know javascript is a programming language that is mostly on the client side, therefore you need to pay attention to your Javascript source code from unwanted things.

To use it, you can use 2 methods, namely copy and paste your source code into the provided field, or upload your javascript file.


alert('hello world!');


var _0xebcfbf=_0x3048;function _0x3048(_0x1baf11,_0x370678){var _0x78a0f8=_0x78a0();return _0x3048=function(_0x3048cf,_0x4aedd3){_0x3048cf=_0x3048cf-0xdc;var _0x3dbbe5=_0x78a0f8[_0x3048cf];return _0x3dbbe5;},_0x3048(_0x1baf11,_0x370678);}function _0x78a0(){var _0xefbabc=['7ffgTQm','297138JPmGAI','1017408zbVPNC','9965GBouUw','1953450BxKmRK','9538410KDcVWH','2375048TIDUWU','hello\x20world!','3fnAmWm','356741GxXNNX','700wthzzW'];_0x78a0=function(){return _0xefbabc;};return _0x78a0();}(function(_0x403e2e,_0x8f9f49){var _0x4db993=_0x3048,_0x162db3=_0x403e2e();while(!![]){try{var _0x1915b1=-parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe0))/0x1+-parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe3))/0x2*(parseInt(_0x4db993(0xdf))/0x3)+-parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe1))/0x4*(parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe5))/0x5)+parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe4))/0x6+parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe2))/0x7*(-parseInt(_0x4db993(0xdd))/0x8)+parseInt(_0x4db993(0xe6))/0x9+parseInt(_0x4db993(0xdc))/0xa;if(_0x1915b1===_0x8f9f49)break;else _0x162db3['push'](_0x162db3['shift']());}catch(_0x5a3824){_0x162db3['push'](_0x162db3['shift']());}}}(_0x78a0,0x2e435),alert(_0xebcfbf(0xde)));

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