Convert JSON to Array PHP

Best free Online Tool, convert JSON code to PHP Array for debugging your JSON.

What is JSON and why is it important to debug?

JSON or Javascript Object Notation is a format that is often used to communicate, store or exchange data with other users, JSON is currently very popular because of its lightweight size compared to the XML format. JSON is very superior because it allows users to exchange data without reloading from the server or page, this makes the data transfer process faster. JSON itself is commonly used in RESTful APIs or android apps to communicate with servers. JSON itself consists of 2 main structures, namely keys and values ??which consist of arranged rows of data. We often forget the debugging process in our JSON files, even though this debugging process is very important to prevent miss calculations of data or the structure of the data itself. This tool can make it easier for you to debug your JSON into array form, so that the data analysis process can be read in the form of an array contained in PHP.

How to use this JSON to PHP Array converter?

To use this tool, it's very easy, you can use 2 methods, namely copy and paste your JSON code or upload your JSON file in the form provided, click process to see your JSON results into a PHP array.

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