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CSS minifier, compressor, minify tool to help your website become lightweight, load faster and reduce CSS file size.

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Why Minify CSS is important for web performance

By minifying CSS code, your website will load faster and good for improve UX. Of course this is very good for search engines to recommend your website on the main page. For now, minify support for CSS code, you can also navigate to other pages on this website if you want to minify other code such as JS or HTML. That's why we provide the Genelify Minify CSS tool for free for you for your website needs to be faster.

A website really needs CSS to decorate a site in a way that makes it attractive and attractive to other users when they visit your website. Just like Javascript, CSS should also be minimized to optimize the file resources used on the website, this to increase the website speed and others.

The smaller the file size, the faster the data reading process is, which makes loading very fast. You have to pay attention not only to javascript, CSS, minification will provide a solution for the asset files so that they can be processed quickly.


Minify CSS Tool


What is the function of CSS on a website

CSS is an inseparable part of a website, almost all websites in this world use CSS to adjust the appearance of the website, you really need to understand CSS to adjust each layout in order to produce the appearance you want. CSS is a fundamental part that is commonly used in the world of websites including Javascript and HTML, CSS cannot be separated because CSS will be very important, just imagine if your website does not use CSS, your appearance will be very unattractive and even have no value at all, a any design is very dependent on CSS. You can also adjust the appearance of a website with CSS in a native way, namely not using CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, tailwind, materialize CSS and others, but this will take your time and make the process of creating your website much slower, in this case you need to know the use in compressed CSS files and not, we strongly recommend using compressed CSS files, for example you are using Bootstrap, in the documentation, you are required to add a bootstrap file into your HTML tag, what you need to pay attention to is see if the file is already compressed or not, usually marked with the .min.css suffix in the file name. You can use files ending in .min.css to get compressed files.


What if I use my own CSS file and want to compress all my CSS code?

After you have done the process of creating your CSS syntax, you can use this Minify CSS tool to compress all CSS code easily and quickly with the method you want.