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Welcome to our Markdown to HTML Conversion tool

Markdown is a format in text to create a script by marking it with a certain type, for example when you want to make bold, italic and so on. Markdown itself is used to avoid certain complexities when writing or to avoid technical ones.
Simply put, markdown is used by writers to make the text look neat and can be read by HTML. Markdown is also widely used by large sites like GitHub or Stackoverflow, the advantage of using markdown is that it is an easy-to-read writing format and doesn't need to be complicated by styling.

But when you want to convert it to HTML format if manually it will feel tiring, you have to change and add some necessary tags so that it can be read by HTML, therefore this tool will help you to convert your markdown format into HTML code quickly and concisely, you need to enter your markdown in the form provided or upload it in the box provided by us.

Markdown format example:

  • I love **Markdown** format.
  • I love __Markdown__ format.

Converted to HTML example:  

I love Markdown format.
I love Markdown format.


Markdown To HTML Converter


What is markdown?

If you often play on GitHub, you must be familiar with this one format, namely markdown, usually markdown is used to write a documentation, basically markdown is the same as HTML but simpler and easier to read, nowadays markdown is often used for several purposes such as:

  • Documentation
  • Static Site generator
  • CMS
  • Text format in Telegram, WA and Facebook.

Markdown stands for Lightweight Markup Language, a markup language that is very lightweight than HTML, markdown can be converted to HTML and this Markdown To HTML tool can handle that, if you need to convert Markdown to HTML format, you can use Genelify Markdown To HTML tool for free without limitation.

Markdown was first created in 2004 by John Gruber, the goal is to make it easier to write on web documents because HTML feels so tiring and difficult to read.


Basic formatting on Markdown

What are the basic formats for markdown? here is the list:

1. Heading

To create headings, you can use hash marks "#", the number of hash marks indicates the heading tag used, for example if you want H1, you can use hash marks with a number of 1, if you want H2 you can use hash marks with a number of 2 pieces .

2. Text Format

You can write italics, bold or strikelines by:

3. Create links

You can also use parentheses to create a link, for example:
[Link to genelify.com](https://www.genelify.com)

Once you have finished your content using Markdown, you can quickly convert it into HTML tags using our Markdown to HTML tool.