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JSON to XML converter tool will help you to convert json into xml format easily and quickly without to rewrite the code.

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JSON is a format used to interact or transfer data with other people online or from one computer to another. Currently JSON has become commonplace in the programming world because of the need for websites to retrieve data or send data. But sometimes we need the data we get into XML, XML itself already existed before JSON was used, just like JSON, XML is also used to send data or receive data from other computers. Currently the XML format is still used for several things such as RSS, ATOM and others.


JSON To XML Converter


Genelify JSON to XML converter tool will help all data formats in JSON to XML, as we know that JSON and XML formats are very different, if you want your JSON format to be converted to XML, you can use this JSON to XML converter tool to convert it quickly without a hitch. This JSON to XML converter tool tool is completely free you can use it anytime, to use it you just need to enter your JSON code and press the process button.


What is XML?

XML or Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a computer language that was first created by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to simplify the process of exchanging data and also storing data, the difference between systems between each server uses XML to exchange data and store data. data, therefore it is necessary to standardize the data transfer process between servers. XML stores data in a fairly simple text format that can be understood by the server when receiving data and can be processed without any changes or modifications, this will certainly simplify the process of data storage and data transmission. In the form of a different XML structure with JSON, although JSON is quite popularly used by servers to exchange data, XML is also needed for certain purposes.


What is the difference between XML and HTML?

XML is often considered similar to HTML because of its structure, both of which have markup that both functions to describe the contents of a file or document. In fact, XML and HTML have different functions, XML functions to send and receive data while HTML serves to display data to the user. Regular XML starts with a special declaration of 1.0