HTML Beautifier & Formatter

HTML beautifier, formatter, unminify is tool for reformat your HTML code to more readable and clean. This tool is easy, quick, and fast.

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Get your HTML code to a clean code

Welcome to our Beautifier and Formatter HTML, Genelify HTML Beautifier - Formatter tool will help you to generate ugly code to beautiful code with one click. This tool can be an option when building websites to get clean code from your HTML documents. With a neat and easy-to-read code structure it will be easier to understand when building or changing your HTML structure with the team.

Beautify HTML code that has been minified helps developers to change, read HTML code structure, HTML beautifier is commonly used to debug HTML code if you want changes or additional features, besides HTML Beautifier - Formatter tool can help other developers to read your HTML code structure easily. The way this tool works is to add additional indentation to make the HTML code structure easier to read, to use this tool has no limit on how much content your HTML code contains, you can use it at any time.


HTML Beautifier & Formatter


Is this HTML Beautifier - Formatter tool safe?

We guarantee that all the code that you enter into the field, we make sure it is safe and we do not store any data that you enter, and also your data is not visible to any party. Whatever you input, the result will be returned to you.