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Format and beautifier your php code to make it easier to read, the code structure to be more efficient and easy to understand.

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The importance of tidying up your PHP code to make it easier for your team to understand

PHP is a popular programming language that is widely used by websites around the world, the advantages of PHP are that it is easy to learn and understand, making this programming language very popular. Some famous CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! and others use PHP as their main programming language, another advantage of this PHP programming language is that there are a lot of libraries and very easy to install, to fulfill this, we only need composer, this composer allows us to build website projects without having to bother download files manually.


PHP Formatter & Beautifier


When writing a code PHP, sometimes we don't pay attention to the structure of the code and it's quite messy . This is quite common among developers, considering what we write into the code, our main priority is to complete the PHP code quickly without any errors. But unfortunately, that only applies to you, it's different if you work with a team, you need to make your PHP code easier to read and understand by your team, this PHP formatter and beautifier tool will help you to restructure the code that you have make it more efficient, structured, and neater.

To use Genelify PHP formatter and beautifier tool, you only need to upload your PHP file or by copying and pasting your code into the form provided, click process to see the results.


What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, a server side scripting programming language that is very popularly used in creating dynamic website applications. PHP has high flexibility, so many websites have used this programming language in their development. PHP is very commonly used in Indonesia, the reason is quite reasonable, this programming language has a large and open source community, aka free, where users are free to make modifications according to their needs. PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdrorf, an engineer from Denmark.