SEO Checker Tool

Free Website SEO checker, checkup, and audit tool to analyze and monitor problems in on-page SEO and improve the quality of the pages on your site.

Use our SEO Checker Tool for audit and analyze your website

Scan any site with our Website SEO Checker Tool to detect errors and on-site SEO issues can prevent your site from ranking high in the search engines. Get your free SEO scores for each category viewed, including meta, security, webpage and link structure and resources.

With a list of improvement priorities, you'll instantly know where to start for fast, noticeable results.


SEO Checker, Checkup Tool - Genelify


Find meta information on your website

For search engines to understand what your website is about, you need to provide all meta information to help them rank your content. Genelify SEO Checker will identified all errors and problems of meta information, such as:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Schema.org
  • Open Graph
  • Canonical
  • Security improvement
  • Content request
  • Keywords
  • Heading tags
  • Caching
  • Web performance quality
  • And many more


Check webpage quality

High-quality content is one of important factors for SEO. A webpage with high quality will help a search engines to process all of your content for relevant keywords, you need to avoid some issues such as:

  • Total words on content
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Check to use any deprecated HTML tags
  • Check to use any nested tables
  • SSL Certificates
  • And many more


Analyze webpage structures

Search engines prefer websites with efficient navigation, well-organized content and HTML structured. Our tool will identifies all issues that make it difficult for search engines to analyze your site, including:

  • Heading tag length
  • Text to HTML Ratio
  • HTTP Request
  • Anchor text
  • Alternative Text Image
  • And many more


SEO Checker, Checkup Tool - Genelify


What is SEO Checker Tool

SEO Site Checker, Checkup & Analysis is a tool that identified every site for technical errors and problems that can negatively affect search engine rankings. Use it to get a full list of bugs found on your site and to see where the site still needs improvement.

This tool keeps track of the URL you enter, similar to how search engines work. The site is then searched for over 50 SEO-related behaviors: meta information, page quality, page structure, and more. Based on your site's performance with these practices, an individual score is calculated and displayed along with a full list of errors found on your site.


SEO Checker, Checkup Tool - Genelify


What is SEO Score

Your site's individual SEO score shows how well your site adheres to search engine quality guidelines. It can be said that if the score is higher than 80% it means that the site is already well optimized, while a score lower than 80% indicates that there is still room for improvement. If your score is below 30%, there are serious bugs and issues on your site that you need to address.


Why do you need to monitor your website

On-page SEO will determine whether your website has value or not, having good quality SEO will certainly make it easier for your website to be stable in the top rankings of search engines, therefore you really need to monitor every page of your website whether it has On-page SEO is good or not and you can fix it right away.