Robots Txt Tester & Validator

Check and analyze your website's robots txt file so that search engine bots can easily find all your website pages properly.

What is Robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a file that functions to manage search engine bots to retrieve data on a web page. Robots.txt file is used to allow or not allow search engine bots to retrieve data that is public or private, this is so that your website pages can be managed properly. Every web page must have several web pages that do not need to be indexed by search engines, for example, an admin page, it is impossible for an admin page to be displayed in Google's SERP, it will harm your site. The pages that are displayed in the search engine SERPs should be web pages that are intended for the public. Therefore Robots.txt is very helpful in managing website pages.

But in its implementation, sometimes you get confused in implementing what to do in writing robots.txt, with this tool you can see other sites how they manage their entire website pages, you can follow them by seeing what is in the robots.txt , but adapted to your website. Also with this tool, you can monitor your robots.txt file regularly to keep it properly maintained and see what web pages are allowed to be crawled by bots.

How do I use this tool

Using the robots.txt tester tool is quite easy, you only need to enter the URL of your web page and our system will analyze your robots.txt file automatically and the results will be displayed to you. This tool is completely free with no limitations, you can use this tool whenever you need.

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