Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker tool will find out the reference DA score for your site's ranking in search engines.

What is Domain Authority Checker And How Can I Use It?

Domain authority is a reference that is used whether the domain is of very high quality or not, and used by SEO Experts in analyzing websites to improve rankings in SEO. Usually will produce a score from 0-100, if the score obtained is very high, it indicates the website is very quality and valuable. DA itself was developed by MOZ, which is used as a metric in determining the quality of a website in search engines. When you are building SEO on your website regularly, this method can be used as an indicator for you to improve the SEO quality of your website.

Domain Authority (DA) can be increased by certain methods including creating interesting content, building quality backlinks and checking on-page or off-page SEO. This tool will help you to always monitor the authority of your website on a regular basis. To use this tool you only need to enter your domain URL, then click continue, wait until the process is complete and your score will be displayed into the browser.

If you want your website to get into the highest rankings in search engines, maybe you will build backlinks, but backlinks are not the only determining factor in determining rankings in search engines, there are other important elements. This method uses a scoring system, and also used to determine the value of a domain with other domains, just imagine there are billions of websites on the internet, how do search engines determine their ranking, Domain Authority is one of the elements used to determine this.


What is Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority system was first introduced by Moz, a site to analyze SEO on websites, This method indicates the strength and relevance of a site in a particular industry, the system used usually ranges from 0 to 100. Moz divides authority into two parts, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority, websites with DA will tell us about the ranking potential of the entire website, while Page Authority refers to the ranking authority on a web page.

Site owners will try to increase the value of their score, this aims to increase dominance between competition with other domains, because domains that have high dominance will get the highest ranking in search engines or SERPs. To detect the authority value of a domain, you can use this tool to check it, you only need to enter the URL of your domain or competitors to see how much value you get.


Why should you use Genelify Domain Authority tool?

This tool is very different, because we prioritize the results you are looking for regarding the score of a website and you don't have to spend a dime to use this tool. Several site owners, web masters and marketers use our tools to check their websites. Many tools provide DA checking but you have to pay, but with our tool it's completely free.

We make sure our tools are reliable and fast, handle requests from you to check score on the site, if you want to check Page Authority, you can visit the other tools page to check your Page Authority.


What can I do after getting the result?

Once you get the result of the value, you can do the following:

  • Use these values to determine your position with your competitors in the same industry.
  • You can use it to check whether your marketing has been going well or not.
  • Motivate you to achieve the best SEO ranking
  • Analyzing SEO on the highest rated DA, how they do it


Domain Authority Checker Tool


How do I increase the value and score?

There may be many factors that determine the assessment of score, but it would be better if you try the following:

  • Pay attention to the number of backlinks pointing to your website
  • Analyze the quality of backlinks
  • The age of the domain that contains your website backlink
  • Analyze how the quality of the content
  • How is the website speed

You do need to create quality backlinks, by creating quality and original content, I believe that later there will be people who spread your site pages and save them into sites that have high score.