XML Sitemap Validator

Check your sitemap XML document with our tool for information and errors.

What is XML sitemap validator?

Genelify XML sitemap validator is a tool to check the validation of xml sitemap document and find out what information is needed if found errors. This tool will help you to monitor all information from sitemap such as how much URL on lists, last modifications, errors and others.

Sitemap document is an important element on website and SEO, sitemap document will tell search engines which URLs to crawl for indexing and difficult to indexing if your document have errors. You can use this tool to maintain your sitemap document regularly, this can prevent miscommunication with search engines when bots are checking your sitemap document. It is common knowledge that this document is very important for your website, therefore use this tool to avoid unwanted things, especially related to indexing.

The sitemap contains the site structure of all the link elements on your site's pages and makes navigation much easier than not using at all, besides this file is very important for search engines.


XML Sitemap Validator


Why do you need a sitemap on your site?

Your website needs a sitemap to make it easier to find and crawl by search engine bots for SERPs and an XML sitemap can help you to see the structure of all the links on the website without having to bother looking at each page of the site, especially if the website structure has a complex structure, an XML sitemap can also prioritizing which URLs are important for crawling so that search engine bots can read your site faster, this is very important in the SEO aspect.


Why do sitemap errors occur?

Usually the sitemap will throw an error if it has incorrect spaces, the code structure is lacking, the sitemap address cannot be found which can affect the performance of your XML sitemap for SERP, crawler bots will find it difficult to read the contents of your sitemap structure and cannot help you to indexing the site, of course this will result in a decrease in SERP rankings, losing a lot of traffic and endangering your website.