Keyword Research Tool

Our Keyword Research Tool alternative from Google Ads to analyze or find the right keywords for your business and increase traffic to your website.

Welcome to our FREE Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool is a tool to help you find and analyze keywords to increase traffic in search of your website, whether it's for business, content, blogging and more. Researching keywords is a good step before you work on what content to create, by researching keywords, you will get an idea how relevant keywords will work to bring in visitors organically.

You can also research keywords according to the country you are going to, because results such as CPC and Volume that you will get will change according to trends in each country. Our system and UI are designed as simple as possible so that you can understand what is produced on our website.

To make your research easier, we provide several indicators such as CPC and Volume, some of these indicators you can use to compare the best keywords to use into your website's SEO.

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