SEO & SERP Keyword Competition Analysis

Find out, research and analyze your competitors in the search engine SERPs related to your business niche keywords, backlinks and content.

Why is it important to analyze your competitors in search engines?

Competitors are commonplace in business, all businesses must have competitors whether in everyday life or in the digital world. With competitors, you can be motivated to move forward in developing your business, designing and determining strategies to compete with your competitors. In the digital world or websites, in developing a website, we really need to think deeply to be able to compete with other competitors in search engine rankings. Many factors influence your website to enter the main page of search engines including keywords, backlinks, authority (Domain Authority and Page Authority), quality content, targeted content and much more.

When you are struggling to optimize your website's SEO both On-page and Off-page, it would be nice to research and analyze the niche and keywords of your website in a targeted manner by doing keyword analysis with this SEO & SERP Keyword Competition Analysis tool, why? when you have determined what keywords to develop, you need to see what happens if these keywords are submitted to the Google search field, this SEO & SERP Keyword Competition Analysis tool can detect how many backlinks they already have, what is the score from Domain Authority and Page Authority, so you will get an idea of ??what you should do next, whether prioritizing backlinks or domain authority and others.

What do I get by using this SEO & SERP Keyword Competition Analysis tool?

You will get information on your competitors for free, we will analyze the top 10 Google pages based on the keywords you input and will generate several important indicators that you can use to research keywords from your competitors, such as Title, Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority ( PA), the total number of backlinks and much more. You can also enter your Domain URL to detect whether your website has entered the top 10 Google pages, if detected, our system will notify you.

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