Wordpress Theme Detector

This tool can help you to detect and look for wordpress theme references in other websites.

What is Wordpress and how do I find out the name of the WordPress theme used by other people?

WordPress is a popular CMS that is used by most websites around the world, the advantages of WordPress itself can be used for any needs such as blogging, e-commerce or corporate websites. People use WordPress because it's easy to manage content, there's no need to bother to build a website from scratch, by default WordPress is very complete in terms of backend and frontend. However, to use this CMS further, you need to add some additional Plugins for features and installation of themes.

Talking about themes, this CMS has hundreds of thousands maybe millions of free and paid theme templates, when you visit a WordPress based website, you may want the theme installed on your website, to help you, Genelify Wordpress Theme Detector can helps you to detect what type of theme is used, the name of the theme used, what plugins are used, so you can find out what information is related to it.

To use this tool, it's very simple, you only need to enter the URL of the reference website that you found, then wait for us to analyze the information on the website and display it to you.

Most people these days get ideas or concepts for their websites from themselves, even professional designers and web developers are looking for ideas from other websites every day. To build a short but powerful website, most people use WordPress as the foundation of their web architecture. Themes or plugins from WordPress may be needed to get more functionality than the default WordPress, Many we encounter many websites using WordPress instead of using a special web framework, the reason is quite simple, namely speeding up the process, WordPress itself is an Opensource project that you can download and use whenever you need with a variety of premium themes and plugins that are quite cheap, there is an interesting thing about WordPress, namely the massive community that has resulted in a very large growth of WordPress developers, therefore it is not surprising that there are countless themes or plugins available. on the WordPress marketplace.


Create a site with extra functionality

Maybe you've seen some websites that use WordPress have many features like a big website, they site owners add a lot of plugins and are accompanied by premium themes that support the appearance of their website to make it more professional, for example an e-commerce website that combines websites buying and selling online with various payment gateways for payment processing, most of these WordPress-based websites combine various plugins to produce perfect functionality.

This WordPress Theme Detector tool will help you to detect themes and use of plugins on websites that use WordPress, maybe you are looking for a plugin or theme reference with this WordPress Theme Detector tool to help you find them.


Wordpress Theme Detector


How does the system for detecting themes and plugins in WordPress work

We have several steps to find themes and plugins with thousands of them, maybe we won't tell you how this system works but for sure every algorithm we use uses a common structure that is to match data with WordPress-based websites, because in WordPress-based sites usually there is a structure that is easy to know so that our system can know what to look for, for example the url in css: wp-content/themes/blablabla/style.css, it is certain that the structure is the structure of WordPress.

You can use this free WordPress Theme Detector tool to search and find ideas for your website.