Wordpress Theme Detector

This tool can help you to detect and look for wordpress theme references in other websites.

What is Wordpress and how do I find out the name of the WordPress theme used by other people?

WordPress is a popular CMS that is used by most websites around the world, the advantages of WordPress itself can be used for any needs such as blogging, e-commerce or corporate websites. People use WordPress because it's easy to manage content, there's no need to bother to build a website from scratch, by default WordPress is very complete in terms of backend and frontend. However, to use this CMS further, you need to add some additional Plugins for features and installation of themes.

Talking about themes, this CMS has hundreds of thousands maybe millions of free and paid theme templates, when you visit a WordPress based website, you may want the theme installed on your website, to help you, this tool (Wordpress Theme Detector) can helps you to detect what type of theme is used, the name of the theme used, what plugins are used, so you can find out what information is related to it.

To use this tool, it's very simple, you only need to enter the URL of the reference website that you found, then wait for us to analyze the information on the website and display it to you.

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