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Website Traffic Checker is a free tool to check the estimated traffic from a domain you want just by entering the domain name in the field provided.

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Introduction of Website Traffic Checker Tool

Traffic is one of the important elements on a website, an SEO expert uses various techniques with the aim of getting traffic organically because traffic is very important for a website with certain needs. Genelify Website Traffic Checker tool can help you to monitor all estimated monthly traffic to your website, therefore with this free tool, you can use it regularly to see how far the traffic to your website is. This Website Traffic Checker tool will analyze all estimated monthly website traffic from various countries, you will see from each of your countries to find out the amount of traffic on the website, by knowing this information you will actually benefit more because you can optimize it quickly.

In addition you can also monitor your competitors' websites how they get traffic, in business.. You must know how to optimize websites effectively, by analyzing the amount of traffic your competitors will help you do.

Website Traffic Checker tool in addition to displaying the estimated amount of traffic, also displays the search volume of your site, search volume is obtained from how effective the keywords on your site are really effective.


Website Traffic Checker Tool


Importance of monitoring your site traffic regularly

Analyzing traffic from a website is a process that you must go through to optimize the use of your keywords, this aims to increase your search traffic again, your online promotion and sales.

If you don't pay attention to how the website performs, you've missed out on potential users who will visit your site, no matter whether your brand is big or small, if you don't use it well, it's a shame. Doing an audit of your site will be very helpful to see errors in SEO, if you fix them quickly, then to get more traffic or potential users for your business.