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Free meta tags and robots.txt tools generator that you can use whenever needed.


Set global status for robots in website crawl, sitemap and delay.

User agent

List of user agents that are allowed or not to crawl the website (Select all none if you allow all user agents)

Google Image
Google Mobile
Yahoo MM
Yahoo Blogs
MSN Pic Search

Restricted Directories

(The path is relative to root and must contain a trailing slash '/')

Meta tag and robots.txt generator for your website

Hello... this is a tool generator for meta tags and robots.txt for your website, when building a website, meta and robots.txt are very important for search engines to pick up and understand your content.

This tool can help you in creating meta tags quickly. In a website document, meta tags are needed to show important information on your website, this is very influential on SEO and traffic. Meta tags used will usually provide some information such as title, description, snippets from Facebook or Twitter and others that will provide results that match the SERPs on search engines.

Meanwhile, robots.txt is also indispensable in a website, this component is needed to limit the access of search engine bots when crawling your website and prohibit bots from fetching private web pages. To make it quick, we provide a free tool to automatically generate meta tags and robots.txt that you can use on your website.

You just need to enter the data you need without creating it from scratch, after it's generated, just copy and paste it into your website coding.

Benefits that are obtained apart from free, you can use anytime without restrictions and very easy to use.

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