Website Speed Test

Website Speed Test Tool that you can use to analyze the components that affect performance and measure how fast your website is.

All website owners want a fast and reliable website

We help you to analyze HTTP Requests on your website in detail, this aims to fix if there are components that make your website slow down. Usually to analyze an HTTP Request component, you need a tool like Google Chrome Inspect element, but the problem is that not everyone can understand what the inspect element shows because of the complexity and number of components that are shown to you. You don't need to worry, Genelify Website Speed Test Tool is designed as simple as possible so that novice and professional developers can analyze it easily, this tool will always be with you in optimizing your website so that all your users are comfortable when your website has good performance and load time. fast.

Our Website Speed Test Tool will detect how your website is performing from various servers around the world, we will do testing according to the region you choose. Therefore, by using this Website Speed Test Tool, you can find out the performance of your website in detail. The system will detect what resources are contained in your website, with this information it will certainly help you in optimizing the website resources that are really needed.


Website Speed Test Tool


What is an HTTP Request and how does it work

HTTP Request is a method used by browsers to request and send content to the server for processing in order to produce a good appearance and functionality. The content here is in the form of scripts, images, CSS, fonts, redirect URLs, text and much more. When you visit a website, the browser will automatically take some of that content to be processed and processed. If you are looking for what causes your website to slow down, the answer is you need to analyze your website's HTTP Requests, why is that? as explained earlier, the browser will process all the content on your website, the more content the site has, the slower the browser process to process your content, especially if the size of the content is very large, such as images, CSS files or Javascript.

This tool can give you an idea of what content that has a large size that causes your website to be very slow, our system will measure how fast your website load time and your overall website score. And also our system will check every component in your HTTP Request whether the content is online or not by displaying a status code such as 2xx, 3xx, 4xx or 5xx.