Meta Tag Analyzer - Checker

Analyze all of meta tags in your web page to improve SEO quality.

What is Meta Tag Analyzer - Checker Tool?

Genelify Meta Tag Analyzer is a tool for detecting and analyzing all meta tag information on web pages. Meta tags are very important and are used for many things like informing search engines about information on web pages and also improving SEO performance in SERPs.

There are several categories in which a website cannot leave one of these tags, including:


This tag is the title of the site page that will be displayed in the search engine SERPs. When using the title, there are several things that need to be considered, one of which is the number of characters used. Google recommends using titles with less than 65 characters.

Meta Description

The meta description is a tag in HTML documents to provide information to search engines about the content of web pages. Typically, the meta description will appear in the SERP along with the title.

Meta keywords

Meta keywords are meta tags that are used as keywords related to the content itself. But sadly, Google has removed meta keywords from SERP ranking requirements since september 2009. We recommend that you don't use these meta keywords on your website pages.


Meta Tags Analyzer


What information do I get here?

In addition to various meta tags that will be analyzed by the system, you will also get other information such as the number of characters in the title and description, the total size of the HTML document and the loading speed of the website.

This tool will help you analyze important meta tags on a website accurately and quickly and will also detect whether the content in these meta tags is in accordance with the minimum requirements for search engines. Some of the indicators we use include the number of characters used in the title and description, the amount of time when loading the page, supporting snippets such as the Facebook Graph and Twitter Card, the number of links and images and others.

Therefore, you can optimize your SEO performance properly with this tool to reach the first page in search engine SERPs.


What are meta tags?

When you are starting a website project and formulating a strategy for SEO, meta tags are considered very important and influential, meta tags are used to optimize site performance in the SERP. Meta tags include a lot of information from your site which includes title, description tag, viewport tag, facebook tag, twitter card tag, language and more. You can optimize this meta tag to focus on keywords, as search engines will rank your site depending on how organic your keywords are.

Each search engine has its own algorithm, whether it's Google, Bing, yahoo, baidu, yandex and so on, each of these crawler bots has the authority to index the pages of a site, including crawling each of your site's meta data such as description tags, headings, alternative text, anchor title, anchor text along with the content, if when a crawler bot detects your meta data is too short, too redundant or not even used, it will affect your site's performance in SEO or SERP rankings.

This Meta tag analyzer tool can help you detect what meta data you are using, what meta data needs to be corrected, changed or deleted, because this will affect SEO, because the slightest error will be very influential.