Website Link Analyzer - Checker

Find out and monitor all the links on your website using Genelify Link Analyzer tool, analyze internal and external links on your webpage.

Why should you always monitor all the links on the website?

In the website structure, it usually consists of many components, such as images, text, headers, footers, links and so on. If you have a website, you are obliged to always monitor all links on your website regularly, why is that? This link itself is very influential on your website, whether it's in SEO or user experience when visiting your website.

Your users will explore your website because you allow users access to visit other website pages through this link, when you provide a broken link, of course it will irritate users and you should avoid this, besides links also affect SEO. your website, this link itself has a structure so that it can be understood by search engine bots such as the text in it, the title attribute, the rel attribute and the href attribute.

Some attributes in your link will be scanned by search engines and will follow according to what you are instructed, for example you add the rel no-follow attribute on your link, that means you are telling search engine bots not to follow the link for the crawling process.


Website Link Analyzer Checker Tool


What are the benefits of this Website Link Analyzer tool?

Genelify Website Link Analyzer tool will help you to see all the links on your website along with the attributes used such as follow or no-follow, internal links or external links, text content, href attributes and others. This tool is completely free and without any limitations that you can use at any time.