Broken Link Checker Tool

Free tools to check status of links on website whether there are broken links or not, this can improve user experience and user convenience.

About Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker is tool to check and analyze all links on webpage. Dead links can annoy users when visiting your website and also affects SEO. To use this tool, you can easily find out if the status of the links on your website is online or broken.

Broken links can result in a decrease in your website's SEO, this is because broken links can affect the user experience when visiting your website and also increase the bounce rate. User experience and bounce rate are components that site owners must pay attention to, by always monitoring every link on your site you can lower the bounce rate and improve the quality of the user experience.


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Analyze links regularly

Every website certainly has a link that directs the user to another page, you need to know that this will not only have an impact on the user, it will also have an impact on search engines. Analyzing web page links on a regular basis will always maintain the reputation of your website and will prevent users from leaving your website.

This is so that your website is maintained from some dead or damaged links to always maintain users while visiting your website pages. so you should check all your links with our Genelify Broken Link Checker Tool regularly

Therefore, we provide this tool to always monitor your website regularly to get good results for both search engines and all users of your website.


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How broken links will affect user experience

Broken links will disturb users while browsing your website, just imagine when there are several broken links on your website page, 404 errors appear continuously, users will think to immediately leave your website because only broken links, to avoid from small things that actually interfere with the user experience, you as a website owner are obliged to always monitor every page of your site to always be protected from broken links.

When you are writing an article maybe you will include an external link into your article, when you already have a fairly large number of articles, you need to protect each of your articles from broken links, because external links are usually very vulnerable to this problem.

To avoid these things, we provide advanced tools to help you deal with broken links, namely the broken link checker, our system will scan your website pages to detect the status code of each of your website pages and from the information we display, you will get information on what web pages are online and not, here is the status code that will be displayed

1. Status code 200

This code indicates that the URL being checked is online

2. Status code 3xx

Codes with a 3xx prefix indicate that the web page is being redirected to another page

3. Status code 4xx

Status code 4xx tells you that the page you are looking for is corrupt and cannot be accessed

4. Status code 5xx

The 5xx status code indicates that there is an error on the destination server.

By knowing what are the status codes that appear when our system detects each page of your website, you will be able to immediately fix if there are broken web pages.