Website Technology Lookup

Technology lookups is a tool to identify, detect or analyze in real time what technologies are used in website.

Find out website are built

Technology lookup or technology checker is a tool to analyze a webpage what technologies are using. This tool also can help you to monitor your competitor when website stack are changes and lead generation. Genelify Technology lookup will reveal technology stack on website such as CMS, Programming Languages, Web Framework, JavaScript Framework, Marketing Platform, Analytics, E-Commerce, CRM, SSL Certificate, Hosting Provider and many more.

You can use this Technology Lookup tool for purposes such as:

1. Competitor analysis

Several elements are needed to identify what technologies are used by your competitors, this will give you an idea how you use technology for your business appropriately.

2. Research

Besides being able to analyze the websites of your competitors, you can also do research with our tools for business purposes, whether it's analyzing the extent to which the website technology that you use in your business to make some changes if it is necessary to keep it updated.


Website Technology Stack Lookup


Find out what technology websites are built with

Discover how technology competes with other technologies, analyze the market in a category and observe changes over time, a tool to find out the technology stack of any site.


Simple Usage and fast

Our Technology Lookup tool are designed as easy as possible in every use, we always try to improve the comfort when browsing our website.

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