Mobile Friendly Test

Check the mobile friendliness status from your site to measure user access on a mobile device

What is Mobile Friendly Test tool?

This is a free online tool to check mobile friendly status on webpage, mobile friendly is very important to reach users from smartphone devices. You can see several indicators to check whether a web page is mobile friendly or not, considering that mobile friendly component is very important.

Mobile friendly is an important element for increasing brand awareness on your business website. Internet traffic almost entirely comes from mobile devices, therefore it is very important to make website pages mobile friendly for user convenience.

Modern web using responsive web design

Modern websites are required to use responsive web design in appearance to the user, it is common knowledge that almost internet users mostly use their smartphones compared to using computers. So that your website can be accessed on any device, responsive design is very important in your web system.

By using responsive design, your website will be mobile friendly for users that can be used on any device such as smartphones, tablets or computers. This tool will help you to detect whether your website is already using a responsive web design or not.


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