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Text to speech is a powerful tool that helps you to convert text into voice with AI.

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How does AI Text to Speech work?

The text to speech tool on our website uses an effective algorithm to produce a natural sound when played, by using our tool, you can save your time when you have text that is quite long and with just a few steps, you can listen to it through voice. You don't need to spend a lot of effort using this tool, you can copy and paste into the textarea provided. The tool is powered by AI, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in processing the conversion of words into sound, so that it can produce sounds and accents from speakers that are quite realistic, Our system can process text to speech from various languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, French, Italian, Arabic and many more with a maximum limit of 800 characters, if you will have a lot of text, maybe you can use it repeatedly, we do this to avoid overload in processing.

Currently, to convert text into voice there is no need to do it manually, meaning you can use special tools to fulfill this. Speaking of tools to convert text into voice you can use Text To Speech from genelify.com, this tool can help you to convert text into voice instantly without you having to set up configurations that make it difficult for you. You only need to enter some text into the field that we have provided, then press process to continue the sound conversion process which our system will display on your screen in the form of an audio format that you can run and download.

Many of our users have used this tool for their creative needs such as adding sound elements to videos. You only need a few seconds to get the results you want, we know waiting is very tedious especially if you do it manually, by just entering text into the fields we have prepared, our system will process it in seconds.


Text To Speech Tool


What are the benefits of this Text To Speech tool?

As we mentioned earlier, with this tool you will get quick results without waiting a long time. This tool will help you to create your creative process without having to do it manually. In addition, you can also download the sound into audio format. Genelify text to speech tool is completely free with no limitations, you can use this tool whenever you need.