Image Resizer Converter

Tools change images, compress, change the format that you can use for your website or other needs.

About Image Resizer Converter

Image resizer converter is a versatile image tool that you can use to change the size of an image or the format that will be changed online. This tool will save you time in changing the image size and format you want, as well as the quality of the image to be used.

The quality of the image itself will affect the file size, the higher the quality of an image, the larger the file size. And will also affect the performance of your site. This tool will help you in changing images quickly and easily.


Image Resizer Converter


The importance of images on a website

Image is an element on a website that is very important, behind the function of the image itself to interact with users, but there are many benefits such as SEO, images will help users and bot engines to determine what content is on a website page, for example you have articles about computers, of course to support the content of your article content, you need images that match the contents of your content, it is impossible for you to include images about cooking but the content of your content contains knowledge about computers. You may insert a lot of images into your website, but here we need to emphasize that using excessive images is not good for your website especially with large sizes, let's say one image has a file size of about 1mb with a large pixel size, on the page In your article, you enter about 10 images with the same size and pixels, this will burden the browser when requesting each of your large images.

If you are not wise in using images, it will actually harm you, large images not only burden the browser, but users will leave your website because it takes so long to load.

To overcome all this, you need Genelify Image Resizer Converter tool to compose each image that you will upload to the server which you will later display on a web page, the goal is to make the image slim and light, the browser will download your image assets quickly because of the fast file size.

Even Google strongly recommends saving images with the smallest possible size with certain formats such as webp or jpg, these formats on average have a very small size which will lighten the workload of the browser and server.


What are the advantages of compressed images?

In addition to lightening the workload of the server, of course it will make users feel comfortable when visiting your website, using images that have the smallest possible size will make the website load faster, this will improve a better user experience.