Image Color Palette Generator

Image Color Palette Generator is a tool that can help you to find the color codes in an image very quickly. This tool will extract the colors in the image in the form of a palette and HEX code.

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What is Image Color Palette Generator?

Image Color Palette Generator is the process of taking the colors in an image and compiling them into a well-coordinated set of colors for use in graphic design or the development of other creative projects. This process is usually carried out using graphic design software or applications that can extract the colors present in the image and display these colors in the form of a palette or color set.


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Image Color Palette Generator can help graphic designers and other creative project developers to create a consistent and aesthetic appearance by selecting well-coordinated colors from reference images. This process can also help save time and effort in selecting colors manually, because the selected colors have been adjusted to the original image.

Find prominent colors that you can use to find color references in your project, this tool can help you completely for free. The working system of this tool will extract the colors contained in the image and will be displayed in the form of a color palette. Not only the color that will be generated, but our system will inform the HEX code of the color along with the name of the color itself, for example #ffffff is White and #000000 is Black. To use this Color From Image tool, you only need an image reference in jpg, jpeg or png format then upload it into the form provided or you can also take the URL of the image on the internet to be processed, because apart from uploading we also provide other features, namely taking resources image power via URL. We also provide several options such as how many colors you want to process, do you want to know the colors that stand out from the photo or want to know what colors are dominant and many more.