AI Blur Background Tool

Blur background is a tool that can add a blur effect to your photo or image quickly using AI.

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What is AI Image/Photo Blur Background

AI Image/Photo Blur Background is an AI tool that will change your image or photo to be more attractive and professional by changing the background to blur automatically which can be adjusted to your needs. The blur modes that we provide include Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur and Lens Blur, these two blur modes are usually used for photography, content creators, e-commerce or websites and also other needs, especially Lens Blur or Bokeh Blur mode. This Image Blur Background tool really saves you time to make the background in images or photos blur briefly without changing objects in the image, generally this method is done manually with photo editing software and certainly takes a lot of time, this tool is perfect for overcoming these problems.


AI Image Photo Blur Background - Genelify


AI Image/Photo Blur Background uses AI and Computer Vision that will separate the object from the background and will detect the background of an object in the image, we recommend that you upload a clear and not blurry photo, so that the process is more precise and fast. You can also adjust the intensity of the resulting blur by selecting intensity in the options, this process does not degrade the quality of your image, the system will maintain the quality of the image, so that the resulting image is maintained and clear.

Just like the AI Background Remover tool, this tool uses the same 2 models, including General and Human Segmentation in processing images, if you want to focus on human objects only in the image, select the Human Segmentation model and if you want to focus on objects other than humans, you can use the General model.


How to use the Blur Background tool?

You only need an image or photo that will be blurred background, upload it into the form that we have provided, make sure it matches the extension that we allow including jpg, jpeg, png and webp, select the blur mode and intensity of the resulting blur, wait a few seconds until our system finishes processing your image or photo. Because this tool is very easy to use, you can use this tool with your laptop, computer or smartphone.

Nowadays you no longer need to worry about producing professional images for your business needs, just use this tool in your creative process.