AI Image Background Remover

AI Image Background Remover is an AI tool that can remove the background on a image or photo quickly in seconds, upload your image and see what magic happens.

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What is AI Image Background Remover

AI Image Background Remover is a tool that really helps you to remove the background in an image that leaves the intended object in just a few seconds. Imagine if you use Photoshop just to remove a background on your image manually, it will definitely take hours and very tiring, you really need this tool to save your time and remove the background on your image automatically and very quickly. This tool is powered by AI, that can process your images quickly and almost 97% precisely.

By default, this tool will generate the background transparently, which means you can manage the processed image on other platforms, and you can also add the required color to the background, which is pretty cool, right? The way this tool works is that it will focus the point on the subject and automatically cut out the parts that are indicated to be the background, quite easy to say but in reality it is very complicated and complex.


AI Image Background Remover - Genelify


You can choose a model for processing your images, including the General and Human Segmentation Models, the General Model focuses on objects including humans, meaning that if there is a car and a person in the photo, then the results that will most likely be a car and a person, while Human Segmentation only retrieves human objects without processing other objects.


How to use this tool?

You only need to prepare the image that you want to remove the background, upload your photo into the form that we have provided, you can also use other options for selecting the type of background, such as color or transparent, wait until AI finishes processing it, and you can download it in various formats such as PNG, JPG or WEBP.