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AI Content Detector will help analyze the content whether it is created by AI or human-written using machine learning. Use this tool to check the authenticity of content.

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What is AI Content Detector tool

AI Content Detector is a free tool that you can use to check or verify the authenticity of a content whether it is generated by AI or actually made by humans. Detecting the authenticity of text or sentences produced by humans or machines is very difficult to find, given that increasingly sophisticated technology makes AI-generated content look like human-made. Traditional plagiarism tools may not be able to detect the legitimacy of content that is actually created by humans, which is why you need this AI Content Detector tool to verify it quickly.

Our analysis use machine learning and use the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) model. In general, human written text has higher perplexity, sentence length, and length variation than AI generated text, with lower length normality. Perplexity is a measure of how often uncommon words appear in the text.


Genelify AI Content Detector Tool


Why you should use this tool?

As we know, ChatGPT is popularly used in generating any AI content you want, our AI Content Detector tool will detect whether the content is generated through AI from ChatGPT such as GPT model. In using this tool, you can only check a maximum of 2000 characters in one request, how to use it is very easy, you only need to prepare your content, then check one by one until the maximum limit in the checking process. Our system will display an indicator that shows whether your text, sentence or content is detected AI-Generated content or not.