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Online plagiarism tool to check some sentences that are analyzed on search engine, whether they are used or available.

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Is important to use Plagiarism Checker?

This is a Plagiarism Checker tool where every sentence you enter here will be checked whether it has been used on search engine or not. By using this tool, you can find out which sentences are used and which unique sentences you can use in the content you are creating, and will check every sentences on your content from search engine to avoid duplicate content.

When the output is complete, there are several indicators from sources that have used it and measure how much percentage of your article is indicated as plagiarism or not.

This tool uses AI to analyze the data you provide into our system, this tool uses AI to show relevant and accurate results when the analysis process is in progress and provide you with complete data according to what we provide.


Make your content unique

You don't need to have trouble detecting which sentences indicate plagiarism in your content, you need to know that content that contains duplicates can affect your website's SEO, meaning that search engines will mark your website as a web scraper, this will endanger your website's reputation in search engines.

Therefore, we provide a free tool that can analyze your content across search engines automatically using the help of AI in order to get maximum and accurate results. This tool will give you the results you need such as which sentences indicate plagiarism and which sentences are unique.


Plagiarism Checker Tool


Why should I use this Plagiarism Checker tool?

When you are writing content, you need to know whether the content you are working on is indicated as plagiarism or not. There are millions of articles indexed by Google or Bing, it is possible that your content is indicated as plagiarism is quite large, this results in a decline in your website ranking in search engines, therefore you need to know from every sentence you write, which sentences are detected plagiarism and unique, you may check manually by copying each sentence into the search engine search column, but this will waste your time, Genelify Plagiarism Checker tool will help you to check each sentence of your content from plagiarism , you only need to copy and paste all the contents of your content into the text area that we have provided, you can see the results in real time whether your sentence is unique or not.

You can use this tool for free whenever you need, when you have finished working on your article content, you can check for plagiarism on search engines. By getting unique content, it will increase the value of your web page and also most likely will increase your ranking in search engines, whether it's Google or Bing.