Palette Color Picker & Custom Color

Just select and press the color to copy the color you want. You can also customize the color into the HSL, RGB, or HEX code.

Red color (R):
Green color (G):
Blue color (B):

What is Palette Color Picker?

Hello.. this is a Palette Color Picker and custom color tool where you can copy the color you are looking for for your project needs and find the color that suits you.

You can use this tool easily, with complete features according to what you need you can use it here. This tool is designed to make it easy to use. There are many color choices that you can use, you just need to find the color you want and then copy and paste it into your project, you can also custom it with other formats such as RGB, HSL or HEX.


Palette Color Picker Tool


Is 100% free?

100% free you can use it whenever you need, if you please give us support / support with a donation so that we can be more enthusiastic about adding other cool features. Many colors are available in the world of design, if graphics or websites, this tool will help you find the right color for your design needs. We did it simple, allowing you to easily use this tool. Available palette and custom colors according to what you want, we use RGB as a basic color to customize other colors, this will provide you with other color options you can choose for your design.


Why do you need a Palette Color Picker tool?

When you are doing design whether it's for image design, websites and others, the color element is a very important element, because basically color cannot be separated from design, therefore you need to use the Genelify Palette Color Picker tool to find the right color when designing. pictures or websites. Choosing the right color will produce an appearance that matches your company's identity, not only that by finding the right color for your company, it will certainly increase the value of a brand in the eyes of users. Just look at big companies, on average they have colors that represent their corporate identity so that they are easy to remember by others.

This tool will give you a lot of options when you're looking for the color you want, and various options whether you want to use the colors we have prepared or use a custom color by combining the basic colors of red, green and blue.

We do our best to provide a good user experience so that you can use our tool easily without any problems, of course with the components you need to find the color you are looking for.

And this tool will help you when searching from thousands of available colors, the modern colors that we provide are intended for modern businesses too, by following the times that run so fast, you need to adjust what colors are relevant to today's era.


What makes this Palette Color Picker tool different from other tools?

Of course we provide various options that you really need, we don't provide a lot of features but minimal use, it will confuse you when looking for the right color for your business. We provide features but you really need them.