YouTube Transcript Extractor

YouTube Transcript Extractor is a tool to extract subtitles in YouTube videos into text, enter the YouTube URL and wait for the results with just one click.

YouTube Transcript Transcribe Extractor Tool


What is YouTube Transcript?

YouTube is a video sharing social media platform that is very popular in the world, with YouTube we can publish any content that we want to share with others. YouTube itself has a feature to translate what is contained in the video into a text or often also called a video transcript, but the features provided by youtube require us to do it manually, this is certainly very annoying. You don't need to worry because we provide a YouTube Transcript Extractor tool to translate video into text, even though at launch our tool is still in beta and only available in English videos, we will try to provide other language options for you later.

Genelify YouTube Transcript Extractor (Video to Text) is very easy for you to use, just enter the YouTube URL that will be extracted into text, you just wait a few seconds to get all the results. This YouTube Transcript Extractor (Video to Text) tool automatically converts or extracts speech into text. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that you are only allowed to copy your own YouTube videos, never download copyrighted material in it, always follow the terms that YouTube has implemented into its services, we are not responsible for anything you do if you violate it.

Text transcripts are very useful for learning material purposes, Text transcripts can also be a source of learning from videos that come from English or other foreign languages. Text transcript is also a great way to keep a record of what is said in a youtube video, with Text transcript you can learn it quickly and find out what the content creator is saying.