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QR Code Decoder, Reader, and Scanner is a free tool to extract, read and scan QR code images with a webcam or upload images for free.

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What is QR Code Decoder - Reader - Scanner?

Genelify QR Code Decoder - Reader - Scanner tool can help you to find the data content of the QR code for free, an accurate algorithm will display the contents of the data according to what is in the qr code image. QR code is a modern method used to interact with devices, this method is already popularly used today, sometimes we need the contents of the data in the QR code for certain purposes.

To use this tool is very easy, you just need to upload an image in the form of a QR code or a screenshot that contains a QR code in the file box provided, our system will read the data quickly into the form provided.


QR Code Decoder, Reader, Scanner Tool


How to scan QR Code

Our QR Code Decoder - Reader - Scanner tool or scanner can read QR Code images through various methods, you can use it by uploading an image file or using a camera from your webcam or cellphone. An easy way to scan a QR code online is to simply point the camera at the QR Code image and the system will read it and give you the results.

The ease with which our QR Code Decoder - Reader - Scanner tool can be used on computers or smartphones will certainly make it easier for you to get information from the QR Code that you want to scan, through modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox you can do it easily, as well as with smartphones.

When you have got the results from the QR Code that you scanned, we will provide the results in text form in the special field we provide, you can copy and paste the text as you wish.