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What Is My IP is tool to find out your IP Address and Location in detail, check your ip address and location on map.

Your IP
Region Virginia
United States (US)
ISP Amazon.com, Inc. (AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.)
City Ashburn
Zip 20149
Latitude 39.0438
Longitude -77.4874
Timezone America/New York

About What Is My IP Tool

If you want to see your IP address information, you can't do it manually, you need a tool to overcome this, Genelify What Is My IP tool can give you information about your IP address and location, not only that you can also view information others such as the ISP used, location, region, country and others.

You also don't have to worry about privacy, this tool and our website don't store all your information, and other people won't know what your IP address and other information is, because only you know it. Everyone who visits this website, of course, comes from different cities and countries, each city and country must have a different IP address, because you don't have to worry about privacy when you use this tool.


What Is My IP Tool


What is IP Address

IP address is a series of unique numbers that are used to identify internet networks, such as modems, routers, they have a definite IP address that is used to communicate with other devices. The ISP that you use even when they have an IP address, meaning that this IP address is very crucial and important.

IP Address is one of the important components on the internet to get information, every device you use today has its own IP Address. The IP address consists of a row of numbers owned by each device, these numbers make it possible to communicate with other devices, it's like an IP Address is like a phone number, you need a phone number to communicate with your friends, right? the same with IP addresses.


What is the function of IP Address?

IP Address makes it easy to communicate between devices, just like your device communicates with our website, you request the required data into our website by connecting via a browser, a tool to connect your device to a website, if you are looking for how many IP addresses you, our What Is My IP tool can detect it because basically you communicate with the website using an IP address, besides that we also display additional information such as the ISP you use, your location and others, but you don't need to be afraid, all of this data no one knows except you, and all data is not stored in databases, cookies, or otherwise.

There are 2 types of IP addresses:

Public IP

Public IP is an IP address that can be accessed by others via the internet network, IP addresses are usually owned by the public such as website servers, email servers or your Wi-Fi router. Both public IP and private IP, they have their own numbers.

Private IP

Private IP is used to communicate on a local network, for example, such as a laptop, PC or cellphone, each of these devices can communicate with each other without using the internet network, namely the local network.