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Free QR Code Generator for your business

QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that is used to interact with devices to read data. Currently, QR Codes are commonly used in digital businesses to disseminate certain information such as URLs, promo codes, business addresses, vCards and others. QR Code is very useful because it saves paper in disseminating information, traditionally, information is usually disseminated through flyers or banners.

To use Genelify QR Code Generator tool is very easy, you can choose what output image you want to get such as SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF and enter the data to be generated into the QR code, then download the QR code image to your device.


QR Code Generator Tool


My QR Code is not working, what should I do

Some of the factors that make your QR Code not work include too much data or an error in the URL you input on this QR Code Generator tool, sometimes if there is a slight error with what you entered, it will affect the functioning or not of your QR Code, QR Codes like VCard are an example of a QR Code that uses a lot of data, to overcome this, try reducing the data you input, and fill it with data that you really need, after that try again with a new QR Code to experiment.


Why do I need a QR Code and what is its purpose

QR Code is an abbreviation of Quick Response Code which is the dimension of a barcode that has 2 dimensions, first discovered by Denso Wave in 1994 which makes QR Code widely used for many purposes such as self-identity, website URLs, payments or other digital products. After you know what a QR Code is, there are 2 types of QR Codes that we often encounter, namely static and dynamic QR Codes, what's the difference between the two?

Dynamic QR Code can track data and you can edit the content of your QR Code content with new content without being tied to the same time and category, this can save you time and money because you don't have to print QR Codes repeatedly. Meanwhile, the QR Code is static, users do not have access to change the contents of the QR Code they have, in other words, the well-known data in the QR Code is permanent, most of the static QR Codes contain URLs and text, but the data cannot be tracked and cannot be traced. can be changed.


Marketing via QR Code

To do marketing through QR Code, dynamic QR Code is very useful for you because the data content can be changed according to your wishes.