Domain or Website Location Finder

Domain Location Finder will help you to find location, geo location or other information in a domain or website such as country, isp, currency and others.

What is Domain Location Finder?

IP address or Internet Protocol is a method by which data is sent from a computer from another computer on the internet, every device must have a host that at least has a unique IP address, as well as domains, every domain on the internet must all have an IP address. each. Every time you want to visit a certain website such as google.com, you indirectly communicate via IP Address to google.com to request the data you need.

Every domain or device on the internet must also have 2 types of IP, namely public and private, as exemplified earlier when you visit google.com, you interact with the domain address by using a Public IP address, where everyone can access the address of the intended domain. .

Genelify Domain Location Finder tool will help to identify hostnames in a domain to see where they are located such as continent, country, country code, city, ISP used, hosting used, timezone, currency code and others.

Geo-tracking has become common nowadays, satellite and telephone networks will help you to provide the exact location using the hostname as a benchmark for checking, this tool can tell you the right information about the geographic location, our IP address database contains more than 25 million IP blocks and updated daily.


Domain Location Finder Tool


In addition, other modules related to the domain we provide some other information such as ISP, company organization and the place where the IP is located.

With the Domain Location Finder you will get the information you need such as

  • Hostname
  • Continent
  • Continent Code
  • Country
  • Country code
  • Country Capital
  • Phone number code
  • Regional
  • City
  • Organization
  • ISP
  • Timezone
  • And many more

This tool is very useful when you want to know the location of the domain or website from, with this tool you can monitor your website regularly.