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What is an IP Address and how do I use this Domain to IP Converter?

An IP address is like a home address, an identifier to find out where the address is and has a unique row of numbers to distinguish one domain from another, we as users are impossible to input a row of numbers into the browser to visit a site, of course it will bother. Therefore the creation of a domain name so that users can remember the site. Domain and IP are inseparable, a domain is impossible if it doesn't have an IP Address, just imagine if you want to visit your friend's house but don't have identification, you will definitely get lost, right? as well as the domain and IP Address. IP addresses have 4 series of numbers separated by periods, for example IP address:, IPv4 was first introduced in 1983 and nowadays most domains have started using the latest version of IP with IPv6. Our Domain To IP Converter tool will display the IP Address tool of a website correctly.

This tool can help you to find the IP address of a domain, besides that you can also get some additional information such as the country or ISP used. But sometimes hosting providers partner with other internet providers which make the country or IP address inappropriate, for example you hire a certain hosting provider to publish your domain or business, the hosting provider is indeed based in Indonesia, but when checked, your domain is hosted in the Netherlands or United States of America. Therefore Genelify Domain To IP Converter tool can help you to get correct information.


Recognize IP addresses, static and dynamic IPs

We use a cache to temporarily store the data you enter, this is done to speed up the data request process in order to quickly get the results you want, and we think it is also impossible for a domain to continuously change its domain ip address. And also we take care to avoid unwanted things like malfunctioning of our system. Why do we need an IP address on a domain.

There is a database that holds data from all the websites in the world that are on the internet, and the IP address is an element to identify one domain with another domain that has a unique IP address, IP or Internet Protocol is a unique addressing system on the domain to identify the connected machine. with the internet. Without you knowing it, when you are visiting certain sites using your computer or smartphone, you are communicating to the machine to ask for the IP address of the domain, but the IP address is hidden through DNS (Domain Name System).

An IP address has four numbers, each containing one to three numbers separated by periods, for example, the random set of numbers identifies a specific address and is used to send or receive data from other websites. And the number ensures that the intended site is indeed the correct one.

The collection of IP addresses was first introduced in 1983 known as IPv4 and currently the average is already using IPv6.

There are 2 types of IP namely Static IP and dynamic IP, static IP address will never change, some hosting providers may purchase dynamic IP which means when a user who has been assigned a dynamic address leaves the internet connection, the IP address will be assigned to another user.

Static IP addresses usually provide information about the country, continent and where the computer is located, maybe the IP address will not provide correct information about the domain, the reason may be that companies located in other parts may have static IP addresses on other hosting providers located in the United States. Big companies prefer static IPs and so do governments.

Dynamic IP addresses are interchangeable, as dynamic IP addresses are much cheaper and more secure than static IP addresses.