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Free online Domain to IP Converter tool to check IP address or ISP of site.

What is an IP Address and how do I use this Domain To IP Converter?

An IP address is like a home address, an identifier to find out where the address is and has a unique row of numbers to distinguish one domain from another, we as users are impossible to input a row of numbers into the browser to visit a site, of course it will bother. Therefore the creation of a domain name so that users can remember the site. Domain and IP are inseparable, a domain is impossible if it doesn't have an IP Address, just imagine if you want to visit your friend's house but don't have identification, you will definitely get lost, right? as well as the domain and IP Address. IP addresses have 4 series of numbers separated by periods, for example IP address:, IPv4 was first introduced in 1983 and nowadays most domains have started using the latest version of IP with IPv6.

This tool can help you to find the IP address of a domain, besides that you can also get some additional information such as the country or ISP used. But sometimes hosting providers partner with other internet providers which make the country or IP address inappropriate, for example you hire a certain hosting provider to publish your domain or business, the hosting provider is indeed based in Indonesia, but when checked, your domain is hosted in the Netherlands or United States of America. Therefore this tool can help you to get that information.

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