SSL Certificate Checker

Check the SSL certificate information and validation on your site.

Important to monitor your SSL Certificate on website with SSL Checker tool

SSL Certificate Checker is a tool to quickly analyze all of your website's SSL information. SSL is an important element in the website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and, in short, it's the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data.

Owners can monitor their website's SSL for expiration and other required information. This tool will of course help your work lighter in monitoring security on a website. Some important information related to the component such as expiration date or vendor used. And also when you change the SSL vendor on your website, Genelify SSL Checker tool can track the SSL that has been replaced is active or not.


Protect your site and user

SSL has become a mandatory requirement that must be used in your website system, an SSL certificate serves to protect your website and also users when using your website. SSL will protect your site from unwanted things to protect the flow of data on your system. On the other hand, users will feel safe when your site uses an SSL certificate because users are protected when entering data on your site. This tool will help maintain your site's SSL to analyze the required information.


SSL Certificate Checker Tool


Why should I monitor my website SSL Certificate

SSL is an important element in the website to protect data while in the process of transferring data, the data will be encrypted if a website has installed SSL on its website so that data exchange will always be safe. SSL is very much needed in addition to data encryption, it also protects your user data, you are required to protect your user privacy data by installing this SSL certificate. SSL has become a mandatory standard for all website owners, even Google has openly said that they will list websites that will be displayed in search engines that already have SSL.

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is one of the components that must be owned in order to provide a sense of security when the requested data is being processed in network traffic, because the data will be encrypted and the browser will label a website with a lock icon or secure. When this component is installed, the site will automatically change to the HTTPS protocol which was previously only HTTP. Have you ever heard the term TLS? TLS is actually the same as SSL, which both protect and encrypt data. SSL is actually deprecated and has been replaced by TLS. TLS is much better than SSL because it is newer. But don't worry, they both aim to protect the website.


What is SSL?

Talking about security, it is clear that SSL or TLS is very important, besides being able to give credibility to search engines, the site will be safe and avoid the threat of hackers. Some of the reasons why this component is very important are:

1. Improve the reputation in the eyes of the browser.

Websites that are already installed with an SSL or TLS certificate, the browser will automatically label it as secure, in Google Chrome you will usually see a lock icon. If you click the padlock icon, there will display the status of the information you visited such as secure connections, cookies, etc. This is certainly very influential on the reputation in the eyes of users, in other words the notification gives a message that the website that is visited is safe. Usually it is very important on e-commerce sites / online stores that require user or transaction data, for example when the prospective buyer is going to buy at your online store, the prospective buyer will not hesitate to shop at your online store because the browser has already labeled the website. with a lock/secure.

2. Avoiding data theft

This component protects data traffic in an encrypted manner or performs data scrambling. Not everyone can read the data and conduct wiretapping. Websites that have been installed with SSL will usually be difficult to retrieve and translate, because the data has turned into lines of code that are very difficult to understand.

3. Improve reputation in search engines

Currently, the Google search engine really likes websites that have this special security certificate installed. This is because Google wants to provide recommendations to its users, sites that are completely safe when searching for information in their search engine. You can use this SSL Checker tool to always monitor SSL on your website regularly such as your SSL expiration date, SSL used and so on.