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Javascript minifier, minify, compressor tool to help your website become lightweight, load faster and reduce javascript file size.

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Welcome to Minify JavaScript tool

By minifying your JavaScript code, your website will load faster and good for your SEO. And also, compressing JavaScript code give a good impact for your website (User Experience). This Genelify Minify JavaScript tool will help you in working on your website projects, this Minify JavaScript tool will compress your entire JavaScript code to make it more compact which will make your site faster.

The minifying is one of the best steps in the performance of the website, why does this happen? The simple way you work is like that, when someone visits your website, the browser call data like JavaScript and others. A file has different sizes, it depends on how the contents are, if they consist of hundreds of code lines or even just a few lines of code.

The greater the file size, the longer it will take the process of data calls from the browser, otherwise it will be faster. The mine process is required for this, in which a file is compressed to become a new file with a more minimalist dimension, ie, optimize the code and delete the spaces in the file. If your website wants maximum performance, you should immediately minimize asset files such as javascript.


Minify Javascript Tool


What is the function of Javascript on the website

Javascript is a fundamental part of a website, in addition to handling interactive features, it can also handle things that other components cannot do such as HTML and CSS, HTML and CSS of course have their own functions as well as JavaScript, Javascript will help You can get something more interesting than not using it at all, currently javascript is not only used as a complement in making a website, but there are lots of benefits such as making games, IoT or even servers, maybe usually to handle this programming language server side such as PHP, Ruby or Python will handle requests from the server but now Javascript can do it with its Node.js.

Back again to the main topic, when we use javascript that is so long, it will again burden the browser when rendering your javascript, because the browser will read every line of your javascript code including the spaces contained in your javascript, to handle this you need to compress the javascript To get maximum and fast performance, you can compare how much time it takes between using uncompressed javascript and compressed javascript files, of course we will guarantee that compressed javascript files are much faster than uncompressed ones at all. To get a compressed javascript file you need to minify your javascript file, our Minify JavaScript tool will help you to minify javascript files quickly and easily, you can also do this with several methods such as copying and pasting your code into the textarea that we have provided , upload your JS file or remotely your JS code with URL.