12 Most Popular Programming Languages You Can Learn

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18 Oct 2022

In the process of making a software, it takes a special language to translate it into a machine, which will be processed according to our wishes. There are many programming languages ​​available. The goal itself is to be able to build a website or mobile application that is good and right and can set the engine to do something, according to the system that we make ourselves.

In the development process, there are three basic structures including algorithms, databases and data structures. These three structures really need to be understood by developers to be able to properly customize and complement a website or mobile application. Website consists of a collection of pages in a particular domain with a variety of existing information. The fundamental of the website programming language is HTML, a basic understanding of a developer that must be mastered first, before learning or using other programming languages. In addition to the website, we must also be able to adjust and upgrade other programming language skills to suit market needs. Currently, there are many companies that require the services of developers for their website or mobile application needs.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn.



As technology advances, there are many programming languages that can be used and learned to create a website or mobile application. Prior to the 2000s, perhaps only a few programming languages were commonly used, such as: C++, Perl, Java, and others.

So what are the popular ones used by developers today?


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


1. Java

Developed in 1990, Java is widely used for various platforms such as websites, mobile, or desktop applications and is open source.

Java is a programming language that implements OOP or object oriented programming. This concept is quite familiar in programming languages because OOP is a concept that can be analogized to the real world or human daily life, so that it can create a directed program flow.

Example syntax from Java:

class Hello {
     public static void main(String[] args) {

To create a Java-based website, several components are needed to run properly. Some of these components are JDK (Java Development Kit), JRE (Java Runtime Environment).


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


2. Python

Next is Python, Python is quite popular and much in demand because of its neat and clean syntax writing and not as complicated as most other programming languages. Python is very easy to learn because it emphasizes the ease of readability of code by both beginners and professionals.

Example Python syntax:

import sys

def odd_even(x):
     return "Even" if x % 2 == 0 else "Odd"

Python is widely used for various purposes such as creating dynamic websites, AI or Artificial Intelligence projects, scientific computing and so on. And quite a lot of libraries that support the projects we make, especially in AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects.

Many large companies have used this programming language such as Google, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Yahoo! and others.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


3. PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, a server side scripting programming language that is very popularly used in creating dynamic website applications. PHP has high flexibility, so many websites have used this programming language in their development.

PHP is very commonly used in Indonesia, the reason is quite reasonable, this programming language has a large and open source community, aka free, where users are free to make modifications according to their needs. PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdrorf, an engineer from Denmark.

Example of PHP syntax:


$text = 'HelloWorld!';

if($text != '')
    echo $text;
    echo '';

Many well-known websites use this programming language in their applications such as Facebook, WordPress, Joomla!, Digg and so on.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


4. Javascript

Javascript is a basic programming language in website development and is a programming language that can be implemented into static or dynamic websites. Javascript functions to manage and provide various types of interactions in the website interface, whether using a framework or vanilla (not using a framework).

Example of JavaScript syntax:

function lowercase(str) {
    if(str == '') {
       return false;
    return str.toLowerCase();

console.log(lowercase('hello world!'));

Currently, Javascript can be used to create server side scripting websites using Node.js with various types of frameworks such as Express, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Sails.js, Meteor.js. Javascript can also be used for various types of projects, including front-end websites, server side scripting, making games, IoT, mobile applications and many more.

This programming language is highly recommended to learn, because almost companies and websites around the world use it.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


5. Ruby

Ruby is a programming language that is quite popular because it is easy to learn by anyone. Ruby is arguably the easiest programming language compared to other programming languages.

Ruby was first created by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Then it was redeveloped by a racer David Meinemeier Hanson who made a framework in the Ruby language called Rails, so Ruby on Rails was born.

Example of Ruby syntax:

def read_file
  in_file = File.open("myfile.txt", "r")
  in_file.each_line do |line|
     puts line


Ruby on Rails is widely used by large companies or startups such as AirBnb, Basecamp, Shopify, Github and Twitter. This programming language is popularly used in addition to using an easy syntax because most use English, it also has a very large library and high flexibility, so it is very suitable for use in dynamic websites for small or large scale.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


6. SQL

SQL is a programming language that manages and handles queries in a database. In accordance with its abbreviation, namely Structure Query Language. SQL is a programming language that must be learned by back-end developers or full-stack developers, because it handles and manages data flow through the database.

Example SQL syntax:

SELECT User.UserName, Orders.OrderID
FROM Users
ON User.UserID = Orders.UserID
ORDER BY User.UserName


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


7. Go

Go or Go-Lang is a programming language created by Google that has a simple and efficient code structure. Go combines several principles such as functional programming and object-oriented programming.

Example of Go syntax:

main package
import "fmt"

func main() {

This programming language can be used for website or mobile application development. And has advantages in an easy-to-understand syntax and a good integration process.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


8. Typescript

Typescript is currently widely used by web developers to develop their applications. Typescript was launched in 2012 and was designed by Anders Hejlsberg which is a redesign of C#. Typescript is very popular because it uses a syntax similar to Javascript and can be used in large-scale applications.

Example of Typescript syntax:

interface User {
  name: string;
  id: number;
class User {
  name: string;
  id: number;
  constructor(name: string, id: number) {
    this.name = name;
    this.id = id;
const user: User = new User("John Doe", 1);

Typescript is a next-level programming language from javascript, by applying the concept of OOP by utilizing classes and interfaces.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


9. Rust

Did you know, Rust is the most preferred programming language by developers, that's because Rust can handle software problems such as memory usage, pointer errors, buffers and others. That's why Rust is one of the most sought-after and preferred programming languages ​​by developers around the world (according to a survey from Stackoverflow Insights).

Rust was first created by the Mozilla Foundation in 2006 and is open source which supports several programming principles such as functional and procedural programming. Rust has a syntax similar to C++ or C, but offers better memory usage, good code security and maintains performance.

Rust syntax example:

fn main() {
    println!("Rust say: Hello!");

This programming language can be used in various projects such as websites, command line, distributed services and so on. Some large companies that use Rust in their application development such as Cloudflare, Microsoft, Dropbox and so on.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


10. Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern programming language presented on the Java platform without limits. Kotlin works well with various Java libraries and frameworks. Kotlin is in great demand especially by Android developers. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains and adopted by Google, which made kotlin a First Class Language in developing android applications.

Example of Kotlin syntax:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    if (args.isNullOrEmpty() || args[0].isBlank()) {
        println("Please provide a string")
    } else {

Several large companies such as Slack, Pinterest have used this Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is a powerful programming language, open source, concise syntax and very easy to learn.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


11. C#

C# or C-Sharp is a programming language that can be used for various general purposes such as websites, desktop applications. machine learning or mobile applications. C# uses Object Oriented Programming principles that carry the concepts of class, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism.

Example of C# syntax:

Namespace Sample
    public class Hello {
        static void Main() {

This programming language was developed by Microsoft developer, Anders Helsberg to create the main language in the .NET Framework environment. And entered into one of the popular programming languages ​​from developers around the world.


12 Most Popular Programming Languages you can learn


12. Swift

Swift is a modern programming language created for Apple products that combines speed, security and good functionality. Swift was first launched in 2014 which was created to solve problems in Objective-C.

Swift syntax example:

Import Foundation

guard CommandLine.argc > 1 else {

let usersString = CommandLine.arguments[1]
let reversedCollection = usersString.reversed()
let reversedString = String(reversedCollection)


This programming language can run well in conjunction with other programming languages ​​such as C, C++ and Objective-C. Swift is very easy to learn because of its clean code syntax, which doesn't require a semicolon at the end of a code. Easy to use, secure and open source. Some of the popular applications that use Swift include the iOS version of YouTube and Instagram.



Various types of programming languages ​​that we can learn to upgrade your programming skills to meet market needs, considering that there are currently many companies that require the services of software developers. In addition, we can also create a modern application.