12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying

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10 Oct 2022

After we discussed previously in the article about freelancer sites that you can use to start your freelance career, this time we will discuss the types of freelancers that are commonly sought after and in demand to add your references.

Freelancing opportunities during this pandemic, especially during WFH, people flock to freelance because they are in great demand, because apart from flexible work, we can also master the type of work with our hobbies or self-taught. Only armed with a smooth internet, this freelance work can be done.

Popular types of freelance work include writing articles, creating logo designs, social media are in great demand, but are there other types that are also in great demand by business owners who are looking for freelancers, let's take a look.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the High Paying



12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Voice Over

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1. Voice over

This type of freelance work is quite popular because it is fun, the main thing is the kind of voice that clients are looking for. Voice over is used for various purposes such as voice in video games, voice in e-learning, audiobooks and so on.

The more portfolio you have in voice over, the more chances you have to get clients quickly and others will know about your expertise in voice over and be recommended to other friends.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Web Designer

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2. Web designer

The IT sector is currently the prima donna, how can it not be.. almost all aspects have shifted to digitization. The type of work Web designer is becoming a freelancer job that is in high demand because business owners need a good UI display on their business website.

As a web designer, you are required to master skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript and other supporting software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.

The goal of a web designer is to make the website look beautiful, eye catching and attractive. This job is quite difficult indeed, but worth the pay generated. The income earned is in accordance with a certain level of difficulty.

No doubt, nowadays many business owners are looking for a freelancer Web designer.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - SEO Expert

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3. SEO Expert

No less popular with digital marketers or social media, SEO Expert can be an option. How not SEO Expert is included in a fairly high fee. The goal of SEO Expert is to optimize a website to rank number 1 and be easy to find on the internet.

Expensive pay is worth it for SEO Experts because of the high responsibility to bring a website to the highest peak. SEO Expert is indeed very difficult and takes time to achieve this.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Content Creator

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4. Content Creator

Currently, many companies are looking for and employing a content creator into their business. And this type of work is quite attractive because it is much loved by young millennials.

The job of a content creator is to collect ideas, data to carry out concepts in promoting a business owner's product or service to the general public.

The resulting promotion will be in accordance with the identity and branding desired by their clients.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Writer of articles or blogs

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5. Writer of articles or blogs

If you like to write or write on a blog, you can use this type of work to earn extra money. How not.. there are so many companies or business owners who are looking for freelance content writers to create article content on their websites.

Article writers usually create written content according to client orders such as theme, niche, language used etc. The skill to master multiple languages is required to carry out the writing of this article. Because usually clients request content not only from Indonesian. And you can do this work anywhere.

If you like writing and have expertise in various languages, working as a freelance content writer will be a pleasure in itself.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Photo Editor

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6. Photo editor

For those who like to edit photos or are already experts in using Adobe Photoshop, this type of work can be the next choice. In the advertising industry, a photo editor is pretty much sought after by big companies.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Web Developers

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7. Web developers

Are you an IT graduate or have expertise in programming languages such as PHP, Java, Python, Node.Js, Go or Mobile Developer. This type of freelance work can be chosen and is the most sought after among other types of freelancers.

High profits and pay for freelance web developers that reach tens of millions to hundreds of millions per year. It takes high skill and creativity to pursue this web developer.

Web developers must also be able to master other things such as Database, Server, Security, because it is a plus for clients when they have other skills besides mastering programming languages.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Data scientists

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8. Data scientists

This type of freelance is concerned with numbers and data. The main task of a data scientist is to create algorithms to collect relevant data, compile and analyze data which is then submitted to clients in the form of reports.


12 Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners With the Highest Paying - Digital Marketers

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9. Digital marketers

You must have heard of the term digital marketer and why this digital marketer job is quite in demand and sought after. In the era of digitalization and modernity, to market products or services, most of them are promoted through the internet. Therefore, many companies or business owners need the services of this digital marketer.

This digital marketer job is required to be able to carry out strategies in online marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) or SEO management.


10. Financial planning services

You can consider this type of freelance to develop your freelance career, how can you not ... this sector of work has quite a high pay.

Having expertise in finance or finance whose job is to do books, manage and calculate cash flow and taxes is growing rapidly in the freelancer world. There are already many people who love this type of freelance work and there are also many clients out there who use the services of this financial planner.


11. Social media planner

For those of you who like social media, becoming a freelance social media planner can fill your time and increase your wallet income. Similar to digital marketers in terms of marketing, this social media planner helps companies to optimize the content that will be posted on their social media.

A social media planner carefully plans what content or posts will be published, so that they can reach consumers on target.


12. Photography

Love photography? This type of freelance work can be a fun job for you, besides pursuing a hobby you can also make money. From the results of the photos you take, you can use them to sell them to photo selling sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy and others.

Another alternative in addition to selling these photos, you can also rent out services for various projects such as weddings, graduations and others.

The most important thing is not to sell photography services at an expensive rate first, prioritize collecting various projects for your portfolio. The more portfolios produced, the bigger projects will await and the easier it will be to get clients.



In this era of digitalization and modernization, you can pursue various types of freelance according to your interests to generate additional money or main income.

If you like numbers, this is perfect for a data scientist.