Top 6 Best Free Website Builders You Should Try!

10 mins
29 Sep 2022

When you may be planning to do business online, the first thing that comes to your mind is to create a website, how to make a website that is fast, good in appearance and looks professional, in this case you need to create a website using a website builder. Many services offer it for free or paid to create a professional website, in terms of features the free service may not be as complete as the paid service, but actually with free services you can create a good, fast and professional website.

Based on my experience, several companies that offer website builders are on average the same, namely providing several free templates that are ready for you to use while paid templates are no less good with complete features, on this occasion we will provide website builder recommendations that you can use. In developing your online business website, before entering the main topic, what are the benefits of using this website builder service?


Top 6 Best Free Website Builders You Should Try!



Benefits of a website builder

1. Provide various ready-to-use templates

In designing a website, one of the things that may be confusing is thinking about how to design a good website that will be used by your website users. There are a lot of modern website designs offered by the average website builder that you can use completely.

2. Simple and easy

Currently, to create a website traditionally you are required to master programming languages, to save time maybe this step is an inappropriate step, you need a website builder to build a website with ease, one of which is by drag and drop, this method is quite a way which are widely provided by website builder service providers in building websites without having to understand coding.

3. Domain name included

Maybe in the development stage, you need a domain to see how far the progress of the website you are working on, now there are many website builder services that already provide free domain names that you can use completely.

4. Suitable for all types of business

You can use this website builder whether it's for business service use, e-commerce, distributing articles and others, by using a website builder maybe you won't spend a lot of money compared to building a traditional website from 0.

So what are the list of website builder services that I can use now?




1. Wix

Wix is a service that offers a website builder that is quite popular, Wix may be one of the website builder service providers that has been operating for a long time. Wix is one of the website builder providers that provides quite a lot of features that may not be found in other website builders.

You don't have to worry about using Wix, Wix itself provides a free trial service that you can use except for e-commerce services, besides that there are lots of ready-to-use modern templates provided by Wix. Some of the advanced and very interesting features to try include:

1. Have more than 900+ templates

One of the best features of Wix is that it provides so many templates that you might be confused about which one to use. By design, Wix generally adheres to a modern design, not outdated and of course professional.

2. Drag and drop

What's popular about Wix apart from providing good templates is that there is a drag and drop feature, this drag and drop is very useful for those of you who are building websites without having to understand coding, besides that, you can use this feature in imagining how to put layouts inside. websites.

3. Blogging

Wix also provides tools to create a blog quickly, maybe when you are building a website you also want to publish articles that you want to share, this tool can certainly meet your needs to create a blog quickly.

In addition, Wix itself has another service, namely Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which is an AI-based tool that will ask you how the site will be created for demo. This tool can generate a website in just a few minutes.




2. Squarespace

Squarespace may be one of the most popular website builders used by individuals and companies, some of the reasons are because it is fast, good and offers many features that their users usually need. Starting from providing modern and minimalist templates that make your site design extraordinary.

Unfortunately this Squarespace does not provide a free plan, you can try this Squarespace first for free in 14 days, if you have decided and are comfortable using this Squarespace, maybe a paid service is highly recommended, maybe you ask what I get if I subscribe to this Squarespace ? we will provide some of the features provided.

1. Intuitive editor

The editors that Squarespace offers are very easy to learn or user-friendly and of course the results are amazing.

2. Have more than 200+ quality templates

Squarespace provides high-quality templates for its users from different categories. The Squarespace template has good SEO making it very search engine friendly.

3. Unlimited bandwidth

Upload unlimited videos or pictures! yes.. Squarespace provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage so you don't have to worry about how much storage is available.

4. Marketing

Squarespace services provide almost what users need, namely being able to integrate into SEO tools, social media and email in spreading your website.

Squarespace offers advanced features such as SEO, fast e-commerce creation and has a fairly complete third-party extension.




3. Zyro

Zyro is one of the newcomers that offers many surprises, how can Zyro not offer a lot of advanced features in it, one of which is intuitive drag and drop. Maybe in using this Zyro service you have a lot of complexity but the end result is really worth your effort.

Zyro's drag and drop feature gives you the freedom to design websites, where you can place elements into the layout you want. And also another very interesting feature is that you can generate logos, text and heatmaps using AI, besides the website builder, Zyro itself offers this feature for free. Thanks to some of these powerful features, you can create a website in just minutes.

What are the features and conveniences offered by Zyro?

In making a good logo you may need a high imagination, but with this AI tool that Zyro offers, you can create a logo as well as a website at the same time.

2. Powerful heatmap tool

Heatmap is a tool to detect areas where your website visitors are often clicked, this tool can help you to analyze the layout of your website.

3. SEO and marketing

Zyro offers features that help you to spread your website and get good results in search engines.

Zyro may seem difficult if you are using it for the first time, but believe me Zyro is very easy, you can create a website and a logo at the same time in just a few minutes.




4. Wordpress

Wordpress is the largest blogging platform in the world, this statement is not without reason, because almost all websites that operate in this virtual world, almost all use WordPress. At first Wordpress was used for blogging but over time, there has been a lot that can be done using WordPress, including creating blog websites, e-commerce, portfolios, community websites and so on. is a website builder that you can use for your business needs, the convenience and completeness of the plugins will make your website powerful.

Although Wordpress provides an interface with various languages, it's just that the editor in WordPress is only available in English, maybe you can adjust and get used to it. Wordpress has a way of working as a CMS or Content Management System that may be outdated, maybe you need a long time to learn it because it doesn't provide drag and drop features like other website builder services.

But apart from that, WordPress is still widely used because it is very powerful because there are many very helpful features in it, these features will help you in various aspects such as SEO, Security, themes, and others. WordPress provides a free package which means the content of all your websites will be hosted on the WordPress site itself, if you pay you may need hosting, a domain and the ability to be able to code.

Some of the features and conveniences in WordPress include:

1. The best blogging platform

Wordpress will give you a good experience in creating a blogging site, you can do anything using this WordPress.

2. Lots of quality free themes

WordPress offers a wide variety of themes, which give you complete control over any layout you design.

3. Thousands of plugins

Wordpress has thousands of free and paid extensions or plugins that are very useful for the needs of analytics, SEO, content optimization, website optimization, security and much more.

WordPress is very good to use for various types of businesses, although you need to learn it in a long time, but WordPress is very powerful for building websites.




5. Jimdo

You may be unfamiliar with this name, but Jimdo is a very good powerful website builder. Jimdo is a website builder application with free and paid packages supported by add-ons and e-commerce features. Jimdo offers good SEO and marketing features and can handle your hosting and business email needs.

Approach that is almost similar to Wix, namely Jimdo approach with a simple design that is not too concerned with details. Jimdo may be one of the best options that you can use because in building a website using a website builder, Jimdo will not spend too much time designing. What are the advantages and features in this Jimdo?

1. The best website builder

The main requirement in a website builder is to have a large selection of templates, by using Jimdo, you will not be confused in thinking about the details in the layout, because the themes in Jimdo are well designed.

2. E-commerce

Jimdo also offers additional features, namely e-commerce which is quite complete for beginners. This e-commerce feature from Jimdo offers international payment systems such as Stripe or PayPal and can also be integrated into social media such as Instagram or Facebook in spreading your products.

3. Have good SEO tools

And also Jimdo offers many features and tools to market your website, from optimization on SEO to add-on robots.txt builder or XML sitemap.




6. SITE123

SITE123 claims to be the easiest website builder service to use, even this SITE123 can produce a website in just a few minutes, unlike Wix, SITE123 uses an editor that has many language choices, this will make the creative process easier.

However, the limitations of SITE123 do not give you complete freedom in the creative process, this free package from SITE123 may be enough for you to use a simple website. In general, the free features of SITE123 are sufficient to fulfill the website design process, but if you want to get some additional options, you need to upgrade to a paid package.

Some of the advantages and features of SITE123 with the free package include:

1. Easy-to-use design system

The editor in SITE123 is quite easy for users such as changing logos, colors, letters, images but does not provide drag and drop features, meaning you need to choose the elements that will be used when designing, although it's not a bad thing, it's just less flexible.

2. Blogging features

SITE123 offers built-in blogging features with the free package you choose, the blogging system in SITE123 is quite simple with the use of tags, images, thumbnails and a text editor like Microsoft Word.



Many companies offer various features in developing websites with the help of a website builder, although they are similar, we recommend trying them one by one in order to find a platform that is suitable for your business.

If you want the freedom to be creative, maybe Wix is the right answer, but with adjustments to the content of your website. SITE123 is the answer to creating a simple website quickly.