Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project

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20 Oct 2022

Node JS is an open source licensed javascript software. Besides being executed through the browser, Node JS can also be used in cross-platform such as windows, linux, macOS. Every browser that we use everyday, there is a javascript engine that converts javascript code into machine code, for example in Google Chrome there is a V8 Engine which translates the javascript code into a V8 engine to be processed before being displayed to the user.

Node Js is highly recommended for use in scalable back-end services and real-time applications as it makes development faster. If you have mastered Javascript before, to use Node.Js it may not be difficult to create Node Js-based applications.

By supporting the various libraries provided in NPM (Node Package Modules) which makes the website fast and modern. With the development of technology, there are many javascript frameworks in Node JS that you can use to create sophisticated websites. Some of these javascript frameworks include:



Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


1. Express Js

Express JS is a minimalist and flexible Node JS framework for building multi-page or single-page applications with good features that can run on websites or mobile apps.

The framework created by TJ Holowaychuk and developed by Strongloop in June 2014 and September 2015 is not based on certain components, this freedom coupled with very fast settings makes Express JS able to make prototypes faster. That's why this framework is often used by startups in the early development of their website applications.

The advantages of Express JS include:

  • Makes applications fast and supports caching features.
  • Powered by V8 Engine.
  • Has a large community.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


2. Sails Js

Sails Js is MVC framework (Model - View - Controller) Node Js framework with Convention Over Configuration principle which is similar to Ruby on Rails, because Sails Js framework is inspired by Ruby on Rails framework which uses MVC pattern in building applications, REST or real-world applications. time.

This framework is similar to Express JS and supports Grunt Models and is very suitable to be implemented into game applications or real-time web applications.

The advantages of the Sails JS framework include:

  • Sails Js is supported by various databases such as mysql, mongodb, redis and others.
  • Sails offers easier data modeling.
  • Supports websockets without extra code.
  • Have a flexible asset pipeline.
  • Lightweight server side that allows developers to write very fast and scalable network software in javascript.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


3. Meteor Js

Meteor Js is a Node Js framework that has complete features, can run on both the server side and the front end, usually Meteor Js is used to create real-time applications.

In using this framework, we don't need to bother with creating our own libraries to meet application needs because Meteor JS already provides them and is ready to use. For the Front-end, Meteor JS is similar to Angular, React.

The advantages of Meteor JS include:

  • Build tools that are zero configuration or without configuration.
  • It is a relatively fast framework and is also equipped with real-time features.
  • Can create a front-end that is integrated with the back-end by using Meteor Js.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


4. is a framework that is widely used in addition to other frameworks, and is also widely used to create real-time applications such as chat applications.

This framework is made by connecting between server and client sockets, and can also run well on OS operating systems, various devices and modern browsers.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


5. Hapi Js

The framework that is open source and introduced by Eran Hammer is Hapi Js. Hapi Js is a very good Node Js Framework used for APIs, web applications etc. The main features found in Hapi Js such as Validation, Caching, Error Handling.

This framework was created by Walmart developers when facing very high traffic. This framework has been used by several large companies such as Walmart, Paypal, Disney.

Other features found in Hapi JS include:

  • Reusable code
  • No external dependencies
  • Has very good security


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


6. Adonis Js

Adonis JS is a Node JS framework that uses the MVC (Model - View - Controller) framework, this framework is very easy to use if you have previously used the laravel framework because it is very similar, this framework can also be used for API needs only.

Adonis JS can save time in developing website applications because there are so many features available, where we don't have to bother looking for libraries for web application needs. This framework carries the concept of async which makes the code neat and uses edge templates.

Some of the features of Adonis JS include:

  • Has a validator feature to check the data flowing into the controller.
  • Has a Command Line Interface (CLI) feature
  • Exception Handlers.
  • Features an authentication system.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


7. Nest Js

Nest JS is a Node JS framework that builds from the server side by using the MVC (Model - View - Controller) architectural pattern which makes the application efficient, reliable and maintainable.

This framework was created using the Typescript language which is similar to Angular JS. Broadly speaking, Nest Js framework backend similar to Express Js inspired by Angular Js.

Nest is very suitable to be implemented into applications that have a lot of data requests with fast responses, for example, such as chatting, e-commerce.

Some of the benefits and features of Nest JS include:

  • It is extensible and allows the use of other libraries due to its modular architecture, making it flexible.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Has support for Typescript and Vanilla Js.
  • Built with EcmaScript 6+ modern Typescript and Javascript combining elements of Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming and Reactive Functional Programming.


Here are 8 Best and Popular Node JS Frameworks For Your Project


8. Next Js

Next Js is a Node Js framework that has the functionality of a React-based website application. If you have previously built a website application using React, Next Js can solve the problem when content will be rendered to the user.

This framework makes it possible to create React based applications for the front end and handle the back end on the server side of your website applications. In other words, your React application will be powerful when using Next JS. The routing system and pages are neat and the website can be detected for SEO.

The main features in Next JS include:

  • Creating a React based application will be powerful.
  • Route urls can be easily detected by search engines by using route masking.
  • Already built-in with CSS (CSS Module, etc.).
  • Creating an API without additional libraries.



With the development of technology that is increasingly fast, there are already many frameworks that we can use in the projects we are working on for the short or long term. With the increasing number of frameworks from various programming languages, it makes our work easier and faster.